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We’ve all been in a place where we have been unhappy with a service. It’s always nice to know that customer service is very important to us as our reputation is everything. At Vegas Guy VIP, we pride ourselves in providing the best service Las Vegas has to offer. Due to our repetitive relationships with all of the amenities in Las Vegas, rest assured that you will receive the best rates for the service provided in our Vegas Deals. Our relationships with the hot spots allow us to hook you up! You will see that this city is really about who you know, and we know them. We don’t upsell, under deliver, or over promise. We tell you the truth just how it is and how Vegas deals work. Are there Vegas deals out there than can beat us? Absolutely. If you see other offers online please feel free to bring it up as we will try to match it or explain to you exactly what it is you will be receiving. Just remember the old saying “You get what you paid for”.